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(warning) Introduction


This document provides an overview of the IPC solution deployment.
The solution includes one or more automation IPC target and a suite of software for programming and maintenance.
Targets must beings loaded with a disk image provided by Resologis, to be compatible with the solution.
Among the software, there is the workshop "ACP", which is used for developing, downloading and debugging programs on targets.
There are also standard software, such as PuTTY and WinSCP, which can be used to access the contents of the target.


(tick) Setup


The setup of the IPC  begins with the download and installation of the workshop and a disk image of a target.

Followed by obtaining a serial number, followed by the creation and configuration of a first automation project.

Here is the list of suggested order to guide you to a IPC ready to do its job steps!


(question) Where to find informations


User manuals and applications notes are available in the "Documentation" menu on the top of the page.

For any other questions or comments, please write us at request@resologis.com




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