IPC Platform 2.1.1

To use the IPC platform, you have to download the programming software (ACP) and the firmware for your target.

System generator
1.0.10 HomeSystem generator 1.0.10, home edition here 119MB

ACP Programming software
 VersionDescriptionDownloadSize WebACP integrated without prerequisites (download prerequisites online, mainly Visual Studio Shell and OPC Components) here

 348MB FullACP with integrated prerequisite here 4GB
Target firmwares v2.1

Integrated ISaGRAF Demo project sources

 (You can use it as a starting point. Just think to change the IP address to the IP of your target)

BBBBeaglebone Black (beta 2016-05-27)here70MBhere
 RPiBRaspberryPi model Bhere70MBhere
 RPiB+RaspberryPi model B+here70MBhere
RPi2BRaspberryPi2 model Bhere76MBhere
 APE140xRuggedcom APE 140xhere103MBhere
 PC420Siemens Microbox PC 420here103MBhere
 IPC227DSiemens Nanobox IPC 227Dhere103MBhere
 IPC427DSiemens Microbos IPC427Dhere103MBhere
 VMWareVmWare Workstation / Player / vSpherehere104MBhere
Project examples
Coming soon!


NameVersionDescriptionTargetApplication noteDownloadSize


Third party Tools

ProductVersionDescriptionDownloadWeb SiteSize
UaExpert1.3.1Unified Automation OPC-UA Clientherehere11MB
Win32DiskImager0.9This tool is used for writing images to USB sticks or SD/CF cardsherehere6MB
Putty0.64A Free Telnet/SSH Clientherehere2MB
WinSCP5.7.2Free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windowsherehere5MB
VmWare Player7.0Run virtual machines on your PCherehere75MB